Resources for Educators

Part of being an effective educator is to continuously grow professionally. The world of education is ever-changing, which means we must learn new methods, strategies, and skills.

Art curriculum is generally open-ended, which can be both liberating and overwhelming. When adapting art units/lessons for various grade levels, I always make adjustments to suit the needs of my students. Most of the time I make my own presentations, handouts, visual resources, and create art examples for students to see. Fortunately, there are many resources out there to spark ideas, and some teachers are kind enough to share their lesson plans and presentations.

Below, I’ve compiled lists of websites. These are resources that I have sought out or created, and they are categorized alphabetically by different topics. I plan to keep this section updated as I discover more!

Some of my favorite Art Education Blogs are in the drop down menu.

Art Education:
Drawing Prompts: PDF format, half-sheet size for printing
NAEA: National Art Education Association
The Art of Education: Ridiculously Relevant Professional Development for Art Teachers
The Incredible Art Department

General Education:
Edmodo: collaborative educational site that uses a similar format as social networks
Essential Questions
QR Code Generator
The Cornerstone

Image, Music, & Recording Resources:
Free Music Archive: interactive library of legal audio downloads
Pics4Learning: free, copyright-friendly images for education
Screencast-O-Matic: screen recording service (great for tutorials!)
View Pure: Watch YouTube videos without commercials
Vocaroo: voice recording service

Interactive Art Sites:
Haring Kids
National Gallery of Art NGAkids Art Zone
Picasso Head

Presentation & Assessment Tools:
Animoto: video slideshows
Kahoot: game-based learning
Linoit: interactive digital sticky-note canvas (similar to Padlet)
Nearpod: interactive presentation and assessment tool; ability to import existing PowerPoint presentations
Padlet: interactive digital bulletin board
PowToon: animated videos and presentations