Mixed Media

“A Leader’s Vision”

This artwork was created for the TEL (Transformative Educational Leadership) Program that I am participating in. We were asked to bring a symbolic object to introduce ourselves at our opening retreat. The artwork is explained below:

The eye represents the vision, which is centered at the core of the work being done. The beads are woven through the wooden back piece, representing the network of individuals within the school team, who work together towards a goal. I believe that educational leadership requires flexibility. The lava beads (larger beads in the center of each strands of beads) represent ideas and flexibility, thus being able to spin on the wire. The painted sections represent the connectivity of a leadership team, and that the work cannot be done alone. Finally, the mirrors represent the concept of reflection, and how being a reflective educator helps me make decisions to improve my teaching & leadership practice. 

The portrait below was an example that I made for an art unit.

“Natural Patterns”

The artworks below were part of a series of animal portraits, exhibited at the Towson Arts Collective for the ‘Mother and Child’ exhibit. All artists were mothers and their children, many of whom are also art educators! The panda portrait is now hanging in the front office at school.